Archaeological Museum and Roman Theatre of Spoleto

The museum is placed inside the former Monastery of St. Agatha, that was built at the end of the 14th century in the area of the Roman Theatre.
Its rich collection includes finds coming from both Spoleto and its surroundings and documents the most ancient phases of the city of Spoleto, from the Bronze Age up to the Roman period. The numerous finds from the Valnerina testify to the strict cultural relations between Spoleto and the Valnerina.
Its visit has been lately enhanced by the extraordinary Umbrian funerary outfits dating to the 7th century BC, coming from a necropolis just outside Spoleto.
The finds on display, related to either the religious, military or politic domains, show the authority of the most ancient Spoletan Powers-That-Be, and include four exceptional sceptres in bronze and iron, decorated with animal shapes. The visit ends by the Roman Theatre, brought back to light following excavations between the 19th and 20th centuries.
Built in the 1st century, it stands on a wide, artificial platform surrounded by a semi-circular ambulatory, from which you can access the cavea, the steps where the audience used to sit. The remains of marble decoration offer a well-defined picture of the building’s wealth in ancient times.

Address: Via di Sant’Agata 18\A
Phone: +39 0743 223277

Ended March 31, 2022
from Wednesday to Saturday
8.30 am – 7.30 pm (last admission 6.30 pm)
Sunday 23 January, 6 20 February, 6 20 March
8.30 am – 2.30 pm (last admission 1.30 pm)
Sunday 16th and 30th January, 13th and 27th February, 13th and 27th March
2.30 pm – 7.30 pm (last admission 6.30pm)
closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Entrance Fees:
Full: € 4,00
Reduction: € 2,00 (people aged 18 – 25)
Free until the age of 17

Reductions and free admissions respect the regulations included in Ministry Decree 27 June 2014 
The first Sunday of the month is currently free