Church of Saints John and Paul

The small church stands in the area of the ancient Vaita Filittèria, the Byzantine district of Medieval Spoleto. It was consecrated in 1174 and became one of the city’s parish churches. Ashlars and Roman spolia were used for its construction.
The outside is very simple; its left wall is embellished by an unfortunately ruined, big fresco portraying Madonna and four saints, dating to the 13th/14th centuries. The inside has a single nave, raised presbytery and a crypt, no longer accessible. The pictorial decoration dates to a period spanning across the 12th-16th centuries. The fresco on the left wall is particularly remarkable, it portrays the martyrdom of St. Thomas Becket from Canterbury and dates to the early 13th century. It is one of the oldest rapresentation of the murder of the English bishop, following a dispute between the latter and the Chancellor of the Kingdom of England, Henry II. The incident can also be retraced to an episode of local history, the fight between Papacy and the Empire over the control of the Duchy of Spoleto. The presbytery was added in the 16th century and was soon frescoed by local priest and painter Pier Matteo Piergili.

Open to the public
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
11 am to 01 pm /4 pm to 7 pm
closed Monday to Thursday

Closed THE 25/12 AND THE 01/01

Entrance Fees:
Ticket € 2,00
Reduced Ticket € 1,00 from 15 to 25 years old
Admission free children and teenagers up to 14 years of age; Residents and schools of the municipality of Spoleto