About us

Since 1990 the Museum System has been present in the field of cultural heritage and cultural tourism, through the management of museums, monuments, tourist sites, libraries and tourist offices. To date, active in nine Italian regions, it is one of the most solid sectors of Italian culture.

We know Spoleto like the back of our hands, the city where we have been present for nearly 30 years. We have designed dozens of exclusive experiences aimed at discovering the thousand souls of Spoleto, the Cathedral City of the Two Worlds Festival, a crossroads and not to be missed on a trip to Umbria.We do not only manage the museums of the city, we are not just tour guides or specialized cultural operators: our staff live and love Spoleto along with the stories it tells over the centuries in each hidden alley, the special flavors of its tradition, the woods surrounding the town, its works of art that are also symbols of modernity, the hints and suggestions that inspire a concert of the Festival dei Due Mondi. Due to all of this, if you want an authentic experience in Spoleto, with us you can